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Corespun sewing threads are formed for continuous filaments covered by polyester staple fibres. With high tenacity continuous filaments these sewing thread have a highest tenacity, breaking strength and elongation than the spun sewing threads, together with the surface properties of polyester fibres gives an excellent pattern of seam and production. The core spun technology succeeds in the production of high class thread with reduction of Unproductive moments and consequently reduction of the costs.


  • Regularity in the linear mass, twist, lubrification and stretching.
  • High productivity and high speeds
  • Excellent sewing and so there is economy in the production cots
  • Good resistance to high temperatures, done by the needle
  • Fine regularity which implies lack of imperfections and so less breaks during the sewing, increasing production
  • Colour reproduction
  • Fine resistance to washing
  • Very nice seams
  • Commercialized in several quantities and a great deal of colours available


  • Melting-point between 248º and 260º C

Very good resistance against acids, alcohol and chlorine



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